Real Estate

Foundation for successful investments
Doing business with Realist means close and intense cooperation with experienced and reliable experts in the field of real estate services. Responsive and always up to speed regarding the market conditions, the Realist team helps to recognise business opportunities that open up on the market. Our partnership-based operation as an in-house real estate agency is the foundation for successful investments.
Companies opting to cooperate with Realist will enjoy many advantages:
  • a licensed, discrete and reliable team with rich experience in real estate,
  • direct contact with the client, direct support and assistance in project implementation,
  • support for development teams with access to key market information, resulting in the optimum performance of projects and the possession of information regarding the unexploited potential of real estate markets,
  • independent external operation - greater flexibility in setting negotiation terms and a direct approach to market opportunities,
  • consistency with the client's aims and preferences, following the outlined strategy,
  • a partnership agreement with a non-competition clause – no simultaneous involvement in competitive projects,
  • joint planning of successful projects in light of key market information and opportunities and added value in securing real estate projects,
  • support in decision-making through market research and analysis,
  • collaboration from start to finish: preliminary market research, analyses, preparations, implementation, final commercial functions and project marketing.